Erica Lightspeed

First Impressions

When I first saw Erica Lightspeed I thought she was a runway model, mostly because she’s so tall and she has such a lean body. The tour lists her as 5’9”, which is tall for a girl. The great thing is she didn’t develop the stocky body structure that so many tall girls do; she’s slim and trim and she has a great pair of teen tits as well. I’m not sure if I like them or her ass the best. Her blonde hair and blue eyes are merely the last piece in what seems to be a near perfect physical puzzle.

Hot Promises

The tour is littered with free pictures and a few video clips, although those are so small that they’re a joke. You can watch them for some idea of the video content but it’s really not worth your time. There’s a big emphasis on Erica’s girl-girl content, with pictures of her kissing other Lightspeed babes and engaging in other light lesbian behaviors like nipple sucking and fingering. Everything looks good, especially the star model.


All the Lightspeed sites are built off the same template and it’s the simplest thing I’ve ever seen. It’s clean though, and as soon as you log in you’ll see the latest updates, the most popular updates and links to the content pages. They litter the page with enough advertisements to make your head spin but they keep them all below the content so they’re not a distraction. The content has been divided into three simple categories: solo picture, girl-girl pictures and videos.

There are forty galleries in the solo section and the idea is to show Erica looking as beautiful as possible. Like most other Lightspeed girls they dress her largely in cute outfits to take advantage of her youthful looks and slim teen body. Lingerie and slutty dresses are not on the menu here. However, Erica is too sexy a girl for that to keep her down. Whether she’s posing in a tight fitting pink tank top or a bath robe she looks amazing. Most galleries feature 60-90 images and they list 50 per page. The thumbnails are a little small so you might have to lean forward to select your favorite pictures.

The full size images would qualify as high resolution at 1000px the photographer has a skilled hand. You won’t see blurry images, closed eyes or bad lighting in any of these shots. It also seems like Erica is not the inexperienced amateur she might want you to believe she is. She has a knack for posing on camera, just as all the sexiest online models do. She even manages to look dead sexy when flashing a bright smile, which is not as easy as you might thing. Smiles are usually all about cuteness and friendliness. Not with the lovely Erica Lightspeed.

My favorite gallery is entitled “Blue Dress,” although that’s mislabeled. She’s actually wearing a blue sweater and a light blue skirt. The outfit doesn’t match terrifically but who gives a damn? She looks fucking amazing in the sweater. It’s low cut and shows off plenty of flesh while also making her tits look a little bit bigger than they are. We get shots of her from every angle and then she begins to strip, first removing her skirt and showing off that glorious ass. The top comes next and she’s wearing a simple yet sexy white lace bra. Finally we see her naked tits and they’re wonderful. Just in case you’re wondering Erica does bare her pussy in most galleries.

After my thrilling experience with the solo galleries my hopes were high heading into the lesbian sets. The first surprise was discovering that there are 60 of them, way more than the solo galleries. The second surprise was that these are genuine teen lesbian galleries. The first gallery I visited was called “Three Times Hot 2” and featured Erica and two of her Lightspeed sisters hooking up. All three were half naked when the gallery began and were engaging in sensual foreplay that included deep tongue kissing and tit licking. As the fun advanced I was treated to pussy licking images and a little bit of finger action.

By the time I had finished the gallery I was chubbing up and that was just one of 60! Obviously, I’m enthusiastic about teen lesbian sex. Most of the girl-girl galleries at Erica Lightspeed feature more than two babes, thanks to the network and all the girls within it. They pool their resources when shooting chick on chick content and then share it across all the sites. In some cases you’ll watch as five or six girls pose together. In rare case those five girls will engage in what is essentially an orgy. The lesbian galleries tend to have more images than the solo, averaging 70-120 per set.

There are 34 downloadable videos at Erica Lightspeed and they’re split between solo play and lesbian love. The solo scenes go way beyond the pictures in that you can watch Erica masturbate. Sometimes she uses a toy and sometimes she lets her fingers do the work. Either way she appears to orgasm on camera, which is always exciting. The lesbian videos are a logical extension of the picture sets, except they’re even hotter. It doesn’t get much better than hot teens kissing in my book and they’ve got oodles of that here. They also have tongue to pussy action on occasion and it’s as hot as it sounds.

The split between solo and lesbian sex is pretty even so you’re free to enjoy whatever floats your boat. The quality of the clips is slightly lacking at 480x360 but they look good enough at double size that it shouldn’t be a big issue. Each scene comes with a screen capture gallery that enables you to preview the content before downloading. Once you’ve made a choice you’re give five format options: Windows Media, MPEG, QuickTime, iPod and Mobile 3g2. The first two have been divided into one minute clips if you only want to see part of the scene.

The biggest knock against Erica Lightspeed is the price. It’s $34.95 for a month’s membership, although that does come with access to nine other Lightspeed sites of your choosing. If you spend $39.95 you get access to all 31 sites, which is a great value. I think they should lower each price by $5, but they’re not going to listen to me. I will say that 10 Lightspeed sites means a lot of content and it’s actually worth the money, despite the feeling that you’re getting ripped off. Members also get access to more than 150 leased feeds of varying quality including cheerleaders, porn stars, panties and voyeur sex.

Croco’s Opinion

Erica Lightspeed has provided quite a bit of content for her members. There are 100 total picture galleries and 34 hot videos, many of which offer sexy girl on girl action. Despite the claim of weekly updates they actually just recycle old content so don’t get excited about that. Despite that deception the site is still a worthy purchase because there’s so much to enjoy, especially if you include the nine bonus sites. The Lightspeed network does teen content better than most others.


They keep it awfully simple for the members but everything is easy to find. There are way too many ads on the member’s main page though.

Pricing Policy

It’s an expensive $34.95 per month for 10 sites and $39.95 per month for access to the entire Lightspeed network.

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